More “Hero Worship”. And Doggie Dopplegangers

More fun facts about Hero Worship. My fictional 80s action hero Rex Rodman and his hit show Alpha Squad are an affectionate nod to an amalgam of a couple of iconic 80s action/adventure TV hits. With a few references  I’m hoping will be a hoot for those fond of a series or two with the word “Star” in the title. heheh.

Yes, I’ve been a geek since before it was cool. Way before…

Don’t forget the giveaway for a copy of  Hero Worship is still open over at Charlie’s place. So hop over and tell us who’s your heart-throb for a chance to win.

That all said, I will leave you with a picture of Merlin and a friend! We met this young man in the dog park the other day, and he could be Merlin’s twin. Quite amazing, actually.  Hugs and have a great day!