Phoenix Emrys began her writing career at age seven when she penned her first opus, a supernatural thriller about a green porcelain horse and her favourite Barbie.  She continued to write vociferously into her twenties, producing several fantasy tales featuring two male characters of the intensely bonded, brothers-in-arms variety.  The book she slaved over and submitted for publication utterly failed to impress. Whereupon she chucked the writing and got on with her life.

She put her writing aspirations aside to have two children and various careers, including a six year stint in the military, working various retail venues, owning and operating both a used book/comic book store and a metaphysical bookstore.  She also served time in call centres, painted, made furniture and dry-walled.

In 1999 her first computer and a shiny new obsession for two hot guys in a certain sci fi series led her into the world of fanfiction, where she discovered two hot guys who really liked each other could do way more than hug…a lot.  Not only did this exciting new arena rekindle her atrophied desire to write, but the slash revelation inspired her to significantly expand her literary horizons.


Ten years of fanfic writing ensued.  During which she wrote – a lot – and learned some, too.  Well, she hopes so, anyway

We’re about to find out.  This Phoenix is reinventing herself yet again, thanks to Dreamspinner Press, as a published, professional writer of m/m fiction.  To all of you who’ve followed me in the past, and my new friends, welcome to you all, and thank you for your faith and your kind support.  Welcome, enjoy.

Woo hoo, bring on the boys!

Phoenix is a Canadian south paw and lives in British Columbia with her daughter, the world’s largest cat and his psycho Siamese nemesis.  She loves to knit and write about hot guys in love, with happy endings.


4 thoughts on “About

    • Oh my goodness, it’s been a few years since then! I haven’t been using this poor blog for awhile, but just about to reactivate it. Just signed a contract for a new novella so I have stuff to talk about again! Hope all has been well with you!

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