Yes, Virginia, There Are Still Good People in the World

And I met one today!  I’m still rather jazzed about the whole encounter.  As well as deeply appreciative of the kindness shown to me today.

So I tell you about it, shall I?

Ironically this all started with me being asked to do a favour for the guy at the self-checkout station next to me at Coopers, which I was happy to do.  Unfortunately, at the time I was also in the middle of completing my transaction/paying for my groceries using my debit card.  Being an impromptu good Samaritan distracted me momentarily from completing my own business so  I did not realize while I thought I’d collected all my goodies and stashed them in my buggy before striking out homeward, I was mistaken.

I had, in fact made a small, but critical error.

I left my stinking debit card in the card reader thingee.

Nor would I have missed it until the next time I tried to use it. Tomorrow morning at the checkout at the super store, halfway across town.  Horribly inconvenient for me, for not only would I have been forced to leave without my purchases, but getting back to Coopers (presuming I put it together and figured out that’s where the card had to be, ’cause these days, with the way my brain’s been that’s not a for sure, yanno?) to retrieve it would have involved a lengthy bus ride.  Because I do not have a car.  Add that to an already a wasted trip to the Superstore  I’d have to repeat the NEXT day, because by this point in the morning several hours would have elapsed meaning I’d be  forced to abandon all shopping efforts and go back home to let the puppy out.

So, trust me, me walking out of the store today without my debit card would have SERIOUSLY screwed up my life tomorrow morning.  And I’d be a whole lot less happy about life, the universe and not having a stinking car than I am right now but thanks to a nice lady I don’t know from Adam that alternate future no longer looms over my unsuspecting head and I’m plenty happy, thank you very much!

This lady  used the same self-checkout station after me and discovered I’d left my card behind. She turned it over to one of the store employees.  Apparently they tried to catch me, but I had vanished, booking as I was down highway 33 towards Rutland Road and home.  She left, also making her way down Rutland Road, but a lot faster  ’cause she was driving, saw me walking, pulled over and told me my debit card was not in my wallet as I erroneously believed, but in the clutches of the clerks at Coopers.  That she cared enough to stop and enlighten me was remarkable enough and much appreciated but she wasn’t done yet doing me good.  She spared me  another hour  walk – round trip (I was almost home) all the way BACK to the plaza and then home again, giving me a lift there, waiting for me to retrieve my card (YEY!) and then driving me HOME.

I’m very happy she took the time to do me this kindness and enormously impressed with her thoughtfulness.  I’ve never seen her before, may never see her again, but you better believe I thanked her profusely for the good she did me.  I’m spending the rest of my day sending much gratitude and blessings her way.  She could have  driven by me  and left me in  glorious ignorance and the stupid I had just committed but because she didn’t, because she stopped and helped me out she did me an enormous service.  She has no idea how much. Trust me, tomorrow would have been HELL on earth for me but for her.

I thought I shouldn’t be the only one who knows about this.  So now I’m not.

So, thank you very much for Altima Lady, bless her back bigtime.  There are good people in the world, I’m happy I met one.

Gonna try to be one too, pass it on!

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