More Roxy Photos

Just had a twitter request for more pictures of my puppy girl. Made me realize even though I’ve been tweeting about her fairly regularly, (taking her for walks etc), I hadn’t provided any further visual enhancements by way of marking her progress. At almost four months, here she is!

Don't Hate Me Because I'm Adorable

Checking out my daughter’s FB photo section had yielded some pretty good results. Some of which I will share with you further. But not too many all at once. Wouldn’t want you to OD on cuteness!

Smile for the camera!

At almost four months old, she’s growing really fast. These pictures don’t give you a sense of scale, but trust me, when she grows into those long legs, she’ll be magnificent. She’s developing into a very sweet girl, responding well to her training, walking nice and behaving. Trust me, when we first got her there was no way she’d stay quiet next to Buddy long enough to take a shot like this.

Roxy: Play? Buddy: Don't bug me and I'll let you live.

I got more, but that’s it for now. Hope you enjoy!


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