Interestingly Enough, This Was the Only Photo I Got Right

I am a lousy photographer. I know this about myself, therefore it came as no great surprise to me the very few attempts I made to document my recent Fan Expo experience photographically basically came to naught. Of the less than a dozen attempts I made to take pictures with my trusty, but more than slightly antiquated Fuji digital (it’s at least seven years old, fcol, practically prehistoric!) the only ones that even half turned out were slightly blurry shots of the Batmobile and the SPN car respectively. At least you can make out what they are!

Oh, yeah, and this one.

Why should it surprise me the only shot me and my camera got right was the one of the hot half naked guy with the sword? I leave it to you, if you are so inclined, to ponder the wondrous working of technology and my apparently one track photographic talents.

Or, if you just want to check out the guy I’m good with that too!

(For the record, for anyone who wants to know, Dean Stockwell and Lance Henriksen, verra nice guys!)


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