A Picture of More Than A Thousand Words – And I Wrote Every One!

Me and my beautiful book. Whee!

Just arrived today from Dreamspinners. Here it is, a copy of a real book I actually wrote. Me! I wrote this. I did. Really. Got my name on the cover and everything. The picture don’t lie. Even if it is a really crappy one taken with my web cam. The picture might be crappy but the book is very pretty. Shiny. Ooooh.

But don’t be deceived by appearances, this is no superficial tome, getting by solely on its good looks. Hah! As if! This lovely literary production is pretty on the inside, too. Very pretty. Full of lots and lots of attractive and interesting words. That I wrote. Nice words. Like frugal. Parody. Anticipatory and metaphorical. Just a few of the many, many fascinating words you’ll find inside in my beautiful book. All put there by me.

Squeeeeeeee!!!! Book a book a book I wrote a book!

Feeling faint, now. Must lie down. With my book. That I wrote. Did I mention I wrote it?

This foolish euphoria all too soon will pass. But for the moment I’m gonna totally go with it. Squeeel like a girl and giggle ’til I make myself sick. But in a good way.

I’ll get back to you.


7 thoughts on “A Picture of More Than A Thousand Words – And I Wrote Every One!

  1. Ya think? Better safe than slobber? Heh. Oh, many thanks for the review on Goodreads, btw. I have a keen interest in an appreciation for all honest opinions. You decided how you feel about the rest of the book yet? Snicker. All I will say is there is a method to my madness… and another book to come….

  2. Aw, you’re welcome. Um, no, actually. I’m sure you know exactly where I suddenly felt as if the room was spinning. “Toto, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore!”

    It is good to know there’s a plan. 🙂

    • Trust me, I don’t blame you. How do you think I feel when a perfectly good plot thread is grabbed by two guys with minds of their own and TOTALLY skewed off in this weird ass direction I had no intention of ever following. Fortunately they’re seeing fit to let me in on the method to their madness. So to speak. Yes, there is a plan. Whether it will end up being the same one I think it is now when it’s done, that I cannot say.

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