Valley of Shadows: the Video Trailer!

I am happy to announce I now have a shiny new book trailer to go along with my shiny new book. (I know it’s almost three weeks old, still has some shine to it!)

First off, let me say, I did not do this. Concept, bare-bones script and finding a few pictures is the only contribution I made to this little beauty. The rest was produced by a talented and modest friend who opted to remain credit-less. *cough DARCY cough*. I think she has done an amazing job, and believe me, anyone who feels like saying so, I’ll be sure to let her know her work is appreciated!

So, anyway, here it is. We had lots of fun bringing it into being, hope you enjoy!

(Now, the really hard part. Figuring out how to get this thing up on Goodreads. It must be possible. I see other people are doing it. Gazillions of videos there. But after a half an hour of fruitlessly pouring over the site and my pages, do you think I could see how it is done? Of COURSE not. Argh!)


3 thoughts on “Valley of Shadows: the Video Trailer!

  1. I generally don’t watch book trailers and when I do, only for books I’ve already read. So, since I’ve read the book, I watched this trailer… and was surprised at how much fun it was! (Really, so many trailers are serious and, well, dull.)

  2. Um….exactly. Heh! That’s what struck me when I watched a few with the goal of coming up with ideas for this one. Not to take the thing quite so seriously? Being new I thought to make an attempt to stand out a wee bit, go another way, and given there is some humour in it, (at least I think so)I didn’t consider taking an irreverent tack was inappropriate. Glad it worked for you! Neat!

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