Virtual Book Signing For the Release of Valley of Shadows

I think this is just about the coolest idea since Dreamspinner bought my book! Hah! And speaking of that….

You like my book, can’t wait to order it but you’d like it even better if it were autographed. Which I’d be more than happy to do for you, but let’s face it: I’m here, you’re there and the odds of us encountering are slim to none. So I’m probably never going to be able to sign your book in person. Making me very sad for both of us.

But not for long, because there is a way around the ‘not in person’ problem. Thanks to the clever and accommodating people at Dreamspinner you can be there, I can be here and you still can get your book signed by me without ever actually meeting me or leaving the comfort of your very own—home, couch, lair, office, Evil Overlord’s Secret Headquarters—wherever you are. It’s called a virtual book signing, and Dreamspinner is going to be doing one with me for the release of Valley of Shadows this Friday.

How cool is that?

This is how it works. Dreamspinner sends me some lovely vellum sheets I carefully inscribe with your dedication requests, sign and return to them whereupon they place the one I have personalized for you in your book and ship it out to you signed, inscribed and delivered. So you get what you wanted, bought and paid for anyway, with the extra added perk of a personalization you only had to do one additional thing to get.

That one thing is to take a small trip over to Dreamspinner’s blog during the space of time (to be announced) they have allotted for my VBS, with your order number. There you will find a form where you can tell them, and me, what you would like your personalized plate to say. I’ll also do my very best to be there for most of, if not all that space of allotted time, posting excerpts, answering questions, balancing a ball on the end of my nose (even if I could do it, not like you could SEE it).

That’s all there is to it. So if you want your book signed, it can be done! I don’t know yet exactly when the VBS is going to occur, but it will definitely be very close to when Valley of Shadows becomes available. Friday 23 July 2010. Mark it on your calendar. Tell your friends. Hire some skywriters. Smoke signals. Anything.

Stay tuned for more details. And possibly a lot more bad jokes.

Make that probably.


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