When in Doubt Throw a Cat at Them


Um…not literally. The cat-flinging thing, I mean. You knew that, right?

Anyway, I haven’t been able to think of anything, profound or otherwise, to write about on this thing. (Still obsessing about release dates, or lack of them….mutter, grumble, snarlwhine…). Then I remembered I have another cat. The psycho Siamese alluded to in my bio. He’s much smaller, but considerably crazier than Buddy. Although he has calmed down considerably from when I first acquired him.

Folks, meet Blue. I snapped this shot of him when he was having a wee shnooze on his favourite shelf niche in my closet. In my efforts to capture his cuteness for all posterity, I may have disturbed him. Fortunately he is opting not to sue.

Hmmmm. I must stop attempting to be humorous and post this before my internet connection goes bye bye once more. Enjoy, and I’ll try and come back soon and post some quality content.

(Snort! They buyin’ it????)


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