Another Milestone Achieved

On my road to world domination and the debut of my first novel.

Well, the first novel thing, anyway.

Actually, this happened yesterday, but I was so excited to finally see it I didn’t record the momentous event here, at the time, and today I’ve been doing other stuff like emailing the writers group and twittering (should that be tweeting, I’m never sure about these danged technical terms) and figuring out how to make these posts update on my Facebook fan page (thank you Dawn for the informational assist).

So, all the previous paragraph means is I’m a day late (and several brain cells short) of announcing yesterday, I made the Dreamspinner’s Press Author’s page. Yes, it’s true, if you go there, you can see my name on the writers’ roster. I now have my very own page, with a bio and everything. Nothing else on it, not yet, anyway, but simply having it is milestone the second. As I have signed off on my cover art (it’s very pretty, and I’ll be sharing it with you soon) and also the blurb, I’m expecting my impending novel and its release date to show up on the ‘Coming Soon’ page any day now. (Compulsively refreshing the page constantly until it does.)

So that’s it pretty much all I have to say right now except Squeeeeeee!!!! Wooo hoo!!!!!!

(In case you hadn’t already guessed, I’m extremely stoked.)


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