This has absolutely nothing to do with writing, but it’s a really cool story.

At the moment I’m taking a lovely jaunt down memory land courtesy of Encore Avenue.  They’re showing Godspell.  The movie.  Which I haven’t seen in years.

Now, I always have enjoyed the movie version, this viewing is no exception, but what’s coming to mind isn’t the movie, but  the first time I saw the production, which was a  live performance, in 1972.

At that time I was  considerably younger.  Considerably. I was still in high school, ‘kay?  We were living in Oshawa, Ontario and somehow I got the opportunity, I believe it was through a church group or something, to go into Toronto and see Godspell on the stage.  This was a huge deal, because I usually did not get to do anything like this.  (My parents kept me on a pretty short leash, but that’s a whole nother story) I can’t remember where it was playing, but I do remember, what and who I saw that night.  Truly a night to remember, for a number of reasons.

Like I said, actually getting to go, into Toronto,  in a car, in the evening, staying out late, seeing live theatre, and then driving back again, this was a so  huge and unlikely event in my personal universe it was almost a bigger deal than the moon landing.  And if that wasn’t excitement enough, I had no idea  the occasion would prove to be even more amazing, because of  who was going to be in the cast that night.

The part of Jesus was played by Gordon Thompson, later of Dynasty fame.  Also in the cast, and whose names stuck in my head – don’t ask me why, but they did –  were Eugene Levy and Andrea Martin.  Not much longer after that I’d be watching them on my TV, enjoying them in Second City but that night they blazed across my consciousness and left an indelible impression.  And yeah, my enjoyment of their amazing performances also made an already incredible evening even more so.

I always thought it was really cool I got to see them that night, before they were ‘them’  being so incredible and larger than life on the stage.  And they really were, such standouts, for me to have remembered them.

I wish I still had the program…


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