Towel Day

Synchronicity is a peculiar thing.  In Canada here, yesterday was a civic holiday.  Victoria Day.  A holiday weekend that used to have special significance for me in a former life I lived a long, long time ago.

I thought about that, more than once, during the course of the weekend, especially while setting up my Twitter account.  What I would have been doing, instead of working on my computer, if I still lived in Winnipeg, and hung with that crowd.

Then yesterday Twitter brought me around again.  One of the few people I’m following (because I still think it’s a little weird) is Stephen Fry.  I don’t know why, I saw his name on the page and thought, ‘why not’.  Yesterday, one of his tweets was about Towel Day.

Douglas Adams.  Ah.  Not only am I a huge fan, but just thinking about him and his wonderful books spirals me back in time over thirty years, to those days in Winnipeg; Elfquest, and Star Trek and Key Con.  Running around the Delta Winnipeg, and up and down Portage Avenue, a costumed throng howling at every street corner.  Every Victoria Day weekend.

I just googled Key Con.  It’s still there going strong. Good on them.  They probably don’t remember me, but I can’t forget them.  I left Winnipeg, the cold, the mosquitoes and my ties to that life, eight years ago.  Life goes on, and so did I.

Geez, I think I wrote that in a story a few years ago.  Yup, almost sure I did.

Whatever, party on, dudes.  I hope you had fun.  Wish I coulda been there, just for old times, sake.

Douglas Adams, wherever you are, thanks not only for all the fish, but the memories, too.  You and your wonderful books, and the TV series it inspired were a huge part of my life.  I’ll carry my towel with pride today.


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